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Can YOU make a Living Online?

Yes, absolutely. But it’s going to take some work. Anyone promising you otherwise is
setting you up for failure. There are a multitude of internet-based opportunities today
such as:
- Online shopping
A customer orders a product through your website and you ship
them a product. You continually update the website and handle all payment and
shipping transactions.

- Writing
People are writing for blogs, ezines,
articles, and other forums where income is generated
from selling ad space or generating affiliate sales. To
really take advantage of this you need to constantly
generate many posts or articles.
- Online advertising
This includes Google AdSense where you place Google ads
on websites you build. You then receive a commission when someone clicks on the
ad. Alternately you could make a Google AdWords for your own business. Google
places these in search results and you pay when someone clicks on your ad. Your
income is generated by selling a product, generally an affiliate item, to the consumer
who clicks on your ad.
- Rights products
If you don't have a product of your own to sell then you can sign
up and sell these products which are usually video, audio, software and e-books.
You usually keep the sale price of the product. Rights products fall into three main
Resell Rights You can sell the product to someone else.
- Master Resell Rights You can sell the product to someone else and sell
THEM the right to resell it.
Private Label Rights The product becomes yours and you can do whatever
you want with it sell it, modify it, or chop it up and sell it as different
- Affiliate programs
Online shopping representing someone else's products
without the headache of handling payments or shipping products. You promote
the product and earn a commission when someone buys it. Essentially you are
the middleman for your customer.

Let’s look at affiliate marketing programs a little further
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are many
advantages like:
Fast and easy set up with virtually no overhead
Work in your own home
Set your own hours
No boss
No orders to handle
No payments to process
There are many affiliate marketing programs willing to let you sell your products for
them, but the trick is to find one that will offer you support as well. Many programs will
simply give you access to their products and then cut you loose to sell with no marketing

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