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5 Steps To Make Popular Articles

A high quality article is an article that can guide peoples to solve their problem, interesting to read or guide peoples to get what they need or want. There is a condition we must fulfilled before we can make a high quality article or pillar content. Knowledge is one simple thing that we need to do anything. If we have knowledge yet, make a pillar content is just about writing.

Know what peoples are looking for

Knowing what peoples want, like and need is
the first thing we must do before we write an article. They will be attracted to read an article if the article contains the information they like or need.

Know How They Are Looking For

We can’t write anything about what they look for if we don’t know about how is that. So we must learn it first. Learn what they are looking for and learn how to get it if it’s something to got.

Make questions to guide ourself in writing the articles

Basically, article is answer of question. The article tell reader about how is something, how to get something, what is your opinion about something, what is your explanation about something, why something like this/like that etc. So make question about what we want write can guide us and instruct us how to write that.

Make detail question about your article’s tittle so you can easier to explain what you want to explain and the reader can understand it clearly. For example, the form of the guide questions is like this :

- what is the something ?

- how is that ?

- what is the function of that ?

- why choose that ?

- how to get that ?

- what another about that ?

- etc. about that

Answer the question we have make

Answering your guide questions is the last part in make an article. Write your best answer and use the common words to explain so that the readers can easily to understand. If the readers difficult to or can’t understand what’s the information you’re submitting with your article, they will dislike it and leave it soon cause they think if they don’t get what they looking for. It’s same as we don’t provide the information for them and our work is useless.

Promote the articles

This is very important, cause without promotion peoples will not read our articles even it’s a very high quality article, caused they don’t know the existence of the article, where and how they can find it. So promotion is very important if we want our articles become popular.

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