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How To Build A Popular Blog From Zero

As a new blogger, I want to share my opinion about how to build a popular blog from zero. I mean we have not enough knowledge we need to make high quality articles continuously in everyday, and we just have little knowledge that are needed by others and some opinion that may be can attract peoples to read it. This is really poor condition to start build a popular blog. I will not share about technique cause at this time I only know about the strategy or the outline to build a popular blog.

Blog is like a shop that sell article. We can build a big shop that sell many high quality goods in short time if we have big funds yet. But if we only have little funds, we must start it from selling little and low quality

goods, and surely we need a long time to realizing a big shop, even we have to start it not from a shop but only a booth or lower. Same as building a big shop, we have to start from selling low and little quality articles in our blog to begin on build a popular blog. Do what we can do. Make articles that we can make as good as which we can do. Use all of your knowledge to make articles that may be useful for others or liked by others. Just do it seriously and continuously, hence in process of time we can make many high quality articles from our experience that can attract many peoples to visit our blog. It’s like saving money from profit on selling goods then use it to build a big shop. If the profit from shop is money, hence the profit from blogging is experience.

We can’t hope to make a big thing if we have not enough power to do it, so we must gathering enough power first by making little things. It’s not bad cause it will be worse if we don’t do anything. We have do something useful to reach our goal, this will create a big opportunity for success to get big business.

How about yours? Share your opinion too, so we can collaborate it and get more knowledge about how to build a popular blog from zero. And it will guide us to do more effective work in reach a popular blog.

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